Book Review: ‘Bible Overview’ by Steve Levy

Bible Overview5 out of 5

I have had this book on the shelf for quite some time and I finally got round to reading it, lying next to a rather lovely pool, in the south of France!

As soon as I delved inside the front cover I was instantly optimistic. Reading the ‘contents’ page was enough to get me interested – it was instantly clear that what Steve Levy intended to do was take me on a journey from Creation to the Final Victory, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

Levy begins by addressing the question of how we can know what the Bible is saying to us. This, paired with the light humour and personal tone of the writing adds to the accessibility of this book and widens the audience to include those who are searching, as well as those who are seeking to study the Bible more.

From beginning to end Levy seeks to show that not only the whole of the Bible, but the whole of reality, is centred on Jesus – from creation, to the fall, through the Patriarchs, Judges, Prophets, right the way through to his incarnation, at his death and resurrection, right up to the present time and beyond to his coming again and the establishment of the New Creation.

As someone who often leads Bible study groups and chats through Bible passages with people, it seems a common struggle for the regular church member is seeing worth in the Old Testament. The Old Testament can seem to many, well… ‘old’… and therefore not very relevant. The New Testament, of course, is much easier, as we have the ministry of Jesus and the growth of the Church. Steve Levy helps us with this, starting with the chapter ‘The Bible’s about Jesus’. He clearly shows us that far from having to ‘search’ for Jesus in the Old Testament, we simply need to ‘observe’ him there.

This is a wonderful book full of great theology and little ‘ohh yeah’ inducing gems! Reading through this book helps everything fall into place biblically, and as a result, in the rest of our lives.

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