Happy Reformation Day!

Ninety-Five ThesesOn this day, 31st October, all the way back in 1517, the soon-to-be Great Reformer, Martin Luther, posted his Ninety-Five Theseson the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This rather provocative act was aimed at summoning an academic debate on the issues contained in his Ninety-Five Theses. This is indeed a moment to be thankful for, as it is widely recognised as the initial contraction in the magnificent birth of the Reformation.

And sure enough, the Ninety-Five Theses were debated at Heildelberg in April 1518, where Luther presented his ‘theology of the Cross’ against Rome’s ‘theology of glory.’

Theology network have put together a great overview of the Heildelberg Disputation on their website. Check it out – you may be surprised at what things were like before the Reformation! It’s a day to be thankful for Martin Luther!

To go to the Heildelberg Disputation on Theology Network, CLICK HERE

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