Autumn declares the need for a Saviour


The view from my study window has changed a lot recently. The once green and flourishing views of grass, flowers and trees have been replaced by a picture of reds, yellows and browns. For some of us, the wonderful colours of autumn mark it out as the most beautiful time of year.

Now, I don’t wish to break that enjoyment for anyone, but beyond the pretty colours, it seems autumn is speaking to us about important issues – life and death issues! When we see the greens turning to browns, what we are seeing is the onset of death. Those once bright green leaves are no more and eventually fall to the ground, leaving the trees baron and the ground full of seeds and decaying leaves. Imagine, for a moment, that you’ve only ever known summer – you’ve only ever known the life and fruitfulness of summer. Imagine now that you are confronted with the decay of autumn – wouldn’t that be a shock? Wouldn’t that be startling? What is happening? The trees are dying! The once flourishing landscape is suddenly subject to death and decay. Oh my goodness! What is going to happen? Everything is dying – this is the end!

Who is going to save?

In the depths of winter – will there be new life again? Do we have a hope? Well, we all know, the answer is yes! There is hope – there is a Saviour – the sun. The sun which is there to proclaim to us Jesus Christ, the Son comes in its life-giving and life-sustaining power and brings new life, warming the ground, bringing light where there was darkness. People all around the world – especially in areas that rely on the amazing fruitfulness of the spring crops – await the life of spring with eager anticipation. The seeds that fell to the ground in the autumn sprout into new plants and trees – the trees are teeming with new leaves and blossoms – life is everywhere – and it’s all because of him – the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2).

In Jude 1:12, those who reject Jesus are described as ‘autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted – twice dead.’ Unless we have a Saviour, we are forever stranded in the decay of autumn – there is no way forward to the flourishing life of spring. Through the autumn and winter of our lives, Jesus is here to bring us into the spring and summer of new life. We must die to ourselves in order to find new life in Christ (John 12:24-26; Rom 5:12-21).

Could it be that the seasons are here to proclaim something to us: The need for a Saviour?

2 responses to “Autumn declares the need for a Saviour

  1. “In the depths of winter – will there be new life again? Do we have a hope? Well, we all know, the answer is yes! There is hope – there is a Saviour – the sun. ” Awesome! And the way the sun brings life a new day and a new beginning, the sun must first go down in then old day – Jesus must die before rising again to share life and the new beginning with all creation. Thus even before winter sets in, the autumn leaves turn blood red and then the whiteness of snow. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Jesus’ blood, God’s blood, ensures that the filth of our sins, though like scarlet will be white as snow. And with the spring of His resurrection, we have new life now that will grow and grow and flourish when the fullness of summer comes.

  2. Hey Leon, thanks for dropping by. Like the snow stuff. Have you ever noticed that everything’s different when it snows? Hearts are softened, people come out onto the streets, stranger talks to stranger!

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