Course Review: 321

 Glen5 OUT OF 5

The 321 Course has sprung out of the 321 Gospel presentation video that went viral earlier this year.

The course, written and presented by Eastbourne evangelist, Glen Scrivener under the banner of ‘Revival Media‘, takes the form of an easy-to-use three-week video and discussion series based on ‘The Story of God, the World and You.’ Each video is around 15 minutes long and is presented by Glen in a rather fetching red jumper.

The first session is ‘3’. This is the story of ‘God’s Three-ness.’ Looking at the question ‘what was there in the beginning’, Glen presents the different views from around the world about what there was in the beginning. The viewer is then presented with the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Having been involved in numerous evangelistic courses during my time in ministry, this seems an excellent place to start. The doctrine of the Trinity is fundamental, and defining, to the Christian faith, and introducing God as Trinity from the very beginning of someones faith journey seems crucial. I don’t know of any other evangelistic courses that do this straight off the bat.

The second session is ‘2’. This is the story of ‘The World’s Two-ness.’ Glen sets up for us the two heads of humanity – Adam and Christ – as per Romans 5. The question is, ‘who’s family do you want to be part of?’ Glen covers vital issues such as original sin and adoption in Christ. These can sometimes be complex aspects of the Christian faith, but Glen presents them in a clear and easy to understand way.

The final session is ‘1’. This is the story of ‘Your One-ness’. This final session concerns union with Christ and the question is, ‘will you be one with the Son of God?’ Glen calls the viewer, in a gentle way, to be one with the Son of God. One of the main ways he does this is by presenting the Biblical image of a marriage union. Jesus, the Bridegroom, offers himself to each one of us in a marriage union. He takes everything that is ours and deals with it (our sin), and we take everything that is his and enjoy it with him (his inheritance). This really is a marvellously appealing image to finish this three-week course on.

I ran this course for the first time in October 2013 in a local coffee shop and it worked well in that sort of relaxed environment. The course really is very versatile – it could also be run in a small group in someones home or in a larger setting, like a church.

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