Titus Introduction – Daily Bible (31 Mar 2014)

Titus is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to Titus, a church leader in the very early church. We can read about Titus in 2Corinthians where Paul calls him his ‘brother’ (2Cor. 2:13) and his partner and fellow helper (2Cor. 8:23). We also read in Galatians 2:1 that he went up with the apostles to the church at Jerusalem and was also involved with the church in Corinth, a church for which he had care (2Cor. 8:16). He went with Paul to Rome, and then into Dalmatia (2Tim. 4:10), which is the last the Bible mentions of him.

Crete ChurchAs Paul and Titus journeyed together, preaching the Gospel and building up the church, they came to Crete. Paul moved on, as he had many places to visit, but Titus stayed, building up the church there. Paul writes this letter to Titus as he remains in Crete.

The aim of Paul’s letter is to encourage Titus and give instruction in the leadership of the church. It is important also for us today – even if we aren’t in official church leadership – as it helps us to ask the question firstly of ourselves – ‘how am I seeking to aid the leadership of my church?’ – and secondly of our church – ‘does my church look at all like the church that Paul presents?’ In this short letter, Paul covers a variety of topics – good pastors, sound doctrine, the grace of God and salvation in Jesus, and what sort of good fruit we should see from the church – all things that are still wholly relevant and essential to our church life today!

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