Hebrews Introduction – Daily Bible (28 Apr 2014)

BibleHebrews is a letter that was originally written most probably to the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem. There is a difference in opinion as to who wrote this letter, but there is a strong tradition in church history to say that it was written by the apostle Paul in around 63 or 64AD.

At the heart of this letter is the holding up of Jesus as the sole mediator between God and humanity – the Great High Priest. Using an abundance of Old Testament passages, the author shows us that Jesus is at the very centre of everything.

This letter is a wonderful portrait of the person of Jesus Christ – God the Eternal Son – who took on human flesh. It presents to us the work of Jesus for our salvation, talks of the nature of faith and calls us to perseverance.

It is difficult to read Hebrews without being captivated by the glory and heart-melting beauty of Jesus.

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